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Who We Are

Religions for Peace Woman of Faith Peacebuilding Network Nigeria, WOFPN is an organisation of multi-religious women who come together from different religions, tribes, and cultures in Nigeria to advance common action for peace. In June 2008, a group of women both from Islam and Christianity gathered to organize themselves into Nigeria Women of Faith Network.

Guided by respect for religious differences and a belief in the power of multi-religious cooperation, Woman of Faith Peacebuilding Network mobilizes interfaith women to collaborate on deeply held and widely shared concerns and values.  So, the main concern of WOFPN is to strengthen the capacities of women of faith and their organizations to confront religious ignorance, intolerance and violence by seeking for more realist ways of building bridges across divides non-violently, harmoniously and in a sustainable manner for a more peaceful future in Nigeria. Thus, the ultimate goal of Woman of Faith Peacebuilding Network is to empower the interreligious women and youth so that they would imbibe mutual understanding and respect for religious diversity through dialogue.

Our Vision
To have a Country where peace, religious tolerance and respect will be upheld by all irrespective of religious and ethnic differences

 Our Mission
To empower Women of Faith to become a unifying force for peaceful and harmonious living in Nigeria








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